Mapmaking Services


If you’re looking for a map for your novel, game, or even nonfiction book, I’m your lady. I’ve been making maps as a hobby since I was in high school in the 90s and now I’m happy to offer my services to others. My particular passion is fantasy map making but I have made maps for alternative history novels and can work with real life places quite easily.


basic map example


Black and white. Basic outline. Major cities or, for a city map, basic landmarks. Minimum geographic features.

Gray shaded map


Gray shaded. Basic geographic features, major cities or landmarks. Points of interest (named coastlines, forests, or special areas labeled.)



Full color map. Vegetation symbols. Major and minor cities, towns, forts, and points of interest labeled. All geographic features (rivers, mountains, etc.) labeled as needed. Key provided. Custom symbols extra. Price varies depending on level of detail desired.

Marginalized creators (all people who identify as women, nonbinary, POC, and anyone from the LGBTQIA community): I want to work with you! I know getting quality material for your projects is hard as many avenues are cut off to us or hidden from us completely. If you can’t afford the full price for the level of map you want, please let me know and we can work out a payment plan.

To get started on your map, please use my contact form and be prepared to tell me about your project or if you already have a bit of a map sketched out, that’s great! I look forward to bringing your ideas to life!